Soutoura is a charitable organization which provides relief, moral support and financial assistance to the sick, the poor and children in Senegal. Our goal is to help in discretion. Soutoura symbolizes what we all do on a daily basis in Senegal: providing support to the poor people around us. However, Soutoura has had the ambition for more than a decade to reach those who have no one to turn to. Discover the driving forces behind Soutoura.  Soutoura is a team of volunteers committed to strong values such as Respect, Solidarity, Dignity. The association also has a Steering Committee to assist the Executive Committee in the strategic development and planning of Soutoura programs. Present in Senegal, in France, in the United States, and in Canada, Soutoura knew however shy beginnings.

Our Mission

Soutoura's mission is to support vulnerable communities in Senegal by facilitating their access to health care and basic education.

Our Vision

We dream of a future where all Senegalese can lead healthy and fulfilling lives, regardless of their financial situation.

Our Values

We serve our beneficiaries with discretion and humility so that they can preserve their dignity.