Financial Donation

Participate in changing the quality of life of the poorest.

Soutoura relies heavily on the sustainability of your donations.
Do not hesitate to set up a permanent transfer.
Every dollar, euro, franc can change a life.

You have several ways to make a financial donation depending on your place of residence

Orbus payment
Click here to donate on our dedicated platform

United States

Your donations to the United States are tax deductible

Paypal United States



Bank Account – TBD Bank

Zelle / Cash

+1 917-282-1243



Virement BOA
IBAN : SN08 SN10 0010 0200 2018 8200 0251

Virement BHS

IBAN : SN039 SN039 0100 1065 2854 8230 092

Orange Money / Wari
+221 77 900 39 12



Your donations in France are tax deductible

Paypal France

Cliquez pour faire un don

Virement Société Générale

IBAN : FR76 3000 3040 3300 0501 3982 750


Paypal Canada
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